Video Game Facts
Video Game Facts

Top 10 Video Games of All Time

Madeline Thatcher
By Madeline Thatcher, Associate Writer
Published October 6, 2019Updated March 15, 2020

From Ms. Pacman to Dragon's Lair, we dive into history of the top 10 video games and the top 10 multiplayer video games, such as the Call of Duty series and Fortnite. We’ll be looking at the most commercially successful, critically acclaimed, and influential types of video games of all time. Did your favorite game make the list? And when we update the list, which of the most popular video games do you think will stand the test of time? Let's find out!

  • Ms. PacMan[4][5]
  • Arcade Video Games
    Ms. Pac-Man was the most successful arcade game of all time, which made video games much more mainstream. Many regard Ms. Pac-Man as better than the original, and, in fact it regularly beats the original Pac-Man in top all-time game lists. Thanks, Ms. P!

  • PacMan[4][5]
  • Video Game Facts PacMan
    Pac-Man was so popular that it made the cover of Time magazine, and two musicians made a song about it. It remains one of the most iconic games in video game history and the Pac-Man characters remains an influential force on popular culture.

  • Grand Theft Auto Series[1]
  • Grand Theft Auto Game
    Grand Theft Auto has sold more units and made more money than any movie, book, or music album. Why is Grand Theft Auto the most popular game franchise in the Western World? For one thing, its easy for players to engage with it across platforms. It also has stunning graphics, a great campaign, and you can play with friends.

  • Fortnite[2]
  • Fortnite Player Stream
    Fortnite is popular to play but even more popular to watch, with over 1 million people viewing streamed games at a time.

  • Minecraft[2]
  • Minecraft Video Game
    The game has sold 154 million copies worldwide, making it the second-highest grossing video game in history.

  • Call of Duty Series[3]
  • Call of Duty Game
    Call of Duty isn't just for darkened basements—the game was featured in an episode of the NBC sitcom The Office.

  • Mario Bros. 3[4]
  • Mario Bros Video Game
    Mario Bros. has players jump through hoops of fire, battle turtles, and beat the boss (at least twice!). It was the most successful non-bundled cartridge game in history.

  • Legend of Zelda Series[4]
  • Legend of Zelda Game
    It's dangerous to go alone, especially when you're exploring Hyrule! (Even though two-player for Legend of Zelda is still relatively new.)

  • MarioKart[4]
  • Video Game Friends Play
    Choose your player and pick your ride! MarioKart has made laps around other games, selling over 37 million units worldwide.

  • Dragon's Lair[4][5]
  • Arcade Video Game
    While Dragon's Lair may not even be known among today's gamers, it's legacy is still with us. Thanks to this game, home laserdisc systems were developed, so if you've ever played a video game at home, you've got this one to thank!


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