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39 Conversational Talking Facts
Whether you suffer from glossophobia, or have a natural gift for gab, you'll love our amazing talking facts, including stats, history, and bizarre trivia.
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50 Amazing Bible Facts
Just like Samson, our interesting Bible facts are sure to bring the house down. Learn surprising Bible history, controversy, statistics, and fun trivia.
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46 Educational Facts about Charter Schools
The rapid spread of charter schools is hopeful to some and an attack on public schools to others. Educate yourself with our facts about charter schools.
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32 Charming Quilting Facts
From ancient Egypt to the American West, quilting has been around a long time. Learn about batting and backstitches with our list of cool quilting facts.
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45 Graceful Dancing Facts
If dance were words, it would be a poem. Put your dancing shoes on to explore its philosophy, magic, movement, and charm with these fun dancing facts.
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