98 Important Facts about Animal Cruelty

Debates about animal rights are ancient and enduring. Learn important animal cruelty facts, including controversy, statistics, history, and much more here.
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85 Amazing Spider Facts

Did you know that you're never 10 feet away from a spider--ever? Spin your way through our interesting spider facts to learn more statistics and history.
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67 Interesting Facts about Evolution

Give your brain a boost with fun evolution facts to learn why we get goosebumps, why we dress the way we do, & how much DNA we really share with a banana.
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43 Fresh Facts about Extinction

From frog hotels to the discovery of a sloth the size of a rhino, these extinction facts will transport you to a real-life "Jurassic Park" experience.
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34 Climate Change Facts You Need to Know

With over 1 million species at risk, shifting seasons, and other severe consequences, getting the facts about climate change is more important than ever.
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