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30 Interesting Erection Facts
You may know all about sperm and testicles, but what about the star of the show: erections? Check out these uplifting erection facts you may not know.
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48 Fun Kissing Facts
Canoodle. First Base. Swapping spit. Pash. Whatever you call the process of locking lips, these interesting kissing facts will leave you wanting more.
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46 Stimulating Facts about Masturbation
For the best hands-on-guide to masturbation facts, look no further. Explore surprising history, crazy statistics, shocking trivia, and heated controversy.
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71 Important Facts about HIV/AIDS
Over 40 million people are living with AIDS around the world. Learn more about this important global health issue with our interesting HIV/AIDs facts.
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65 Shocking STI/STD Facts
Next to the common cold, STIs/STDs are one of the most common diseases in the world. Learn surprising STI/STD facts, including history and statistics here.
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