58 Bizarre English Language Facts
Calling all worldings! Do you know what the shortest sentence in English is? Or the most commonly used word? Find out with our fun English language facts.
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39 Conversational Talking Facts
Whether you suffer from glossophobia, or have a natural gift for gab, you'll love our amazing talking facts, including stats, history, and bizarre trivia.
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46 Educational Facts about Charter Schools
The rapid spread of charter schools is hopeful to some and an attack on public schools to others. Educate yourself with our facts about charter schools.
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43 Interesting Working Facts
From gravedigger to CEO, get a glimpse into the world of occupations around the world with interesting working facts, fun statistics, and bizarre history.
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44 Enlightening Teacher Facts
Find out why teachers have the most important job in the world with our interesting teacher facts, including little-known history, pay, and much more.
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