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65 Explosive Facts about Volcanoes

Named after the Roman god of fire, Vulcan, volcanoes are known for their awesome power. Explore fun volcano facts to learn why they are so crucial to life.
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43 Fun St. Patrick's Day Facts

Did you know that St. Patrick was originally associated with the color blue? Learn all about the Irish saint's big day with these St. Patrick's Day Facts.
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60 Surprising Facts about the Flu and Pandemics

Testing the ingenuity of humankind, the flu & other pandemics have haunted humanity throughout time and history. Learn important flu & pandemic facts here.
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39 Conversational Talking Facts

Whether you suffer from glossophobia, or have a natural gift for gab, you'll love our amazing talking facts, including stats, history, and bizarre trivia.
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50 Amazing Bible Facts

Just like Samson, our interesting Bible facts are sure to bring the house down. Learn surprising Bible history, controversy, statistics, and fun trivia.
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