70 Stunning Norway Facts
A jewel of Europe, Norway offers a dazzling mix of history and natural wonder. Explore this dramatic country with our list of interesting Norway facts.
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79 Fascinating Facts about France
Surprised to learn that two Frenchmen created the bikini? Learn more about French culture, trivia, and fun history with these fascinating France facts.
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68 Interesting Denmark Facts
From creating the Lego to helping inspire Disneyland, Denmark has a rich and vibrant history. Read these fascinating Denmark facts to discover even more.
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75 Interesting World War I Facts
World War I destroyed empires and killed millions of people. Explore our interesting WW I facts to learn how the "Great War" changed the world forever.
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62 Interesting Italy Facts
The name "Italy" conjures sparkling coastlines, delicious cuisine, and ancient history. Even the most seasoned traveller will love our fun Italy facts.
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