Latin America & Caribbean

70 Interesting Facts about Costa Rica

Vibrant and brimming with natural beauty, Costa Rica boasts a land of adventure and culture. Spark your wanderlust with these interesting Costa Rica facts
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80 Little Known Haiti Facts

Haiti: Wild. Beautiful. Resilient. Off the beaten path. Whatever name(s) come to mind, these fun Haiti facts reveal its beauty in all of its paradoxes.
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63 Sensational Facts about Soccer

Soccer has a more interesting history than you might think, ranging from ancient China to the English Puritans. Score big with our awesome soccer facts.
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34 Climate Change Facts You Need to Know

With over 1 million species at risk, shifting seasons, and other severe consequences, getting the facts about climate change is more important than ever.
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22 Enchanting Jamaica Facts

Our interesting Jamaica facts are your passport to one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Learn everything you need to know, from reggae to rum.
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