South America

63 Interesting Argentina Facts

Learn about Argentina's rich culture and history, from the Tango to the first use of crime-solving fingerprinting with these interesting Argentina facts.
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58 Interesting Facts about Brazil

Emerald seas, exotic adventure, and a rich tapestry of history, Brazil has it all. Fall in love with its beauty with our list of interesting Brazil facts.
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67 Interesting Facts about Chile

Surprisingly thin and long, Chile stretches from the driest desert on Earth to the Antarctic. Explore interesting Chile facts, fun trivia, history & more.
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71 Interesting Facts about Peru

Break out the pisco and enjoy our fun Peru facts to learn everything you ever wanted to know, from the stunning Macchu Picchu to Peru's unique cuisine.
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35 Spectacular Facts about Venezuela

Called the "Land of Grace," Venezuela defies categorization. Take a tour of its dynamic history, rugged landscape, and more with our fun Venezuela facts.
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