91 Interesting Facts about Birth Control
From alligator dung to IUDs, birth control throughout history has been various and embedded in sexual politics. Learn more interesting birth control facts here.
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50 Surprising Facts about Vaginas
With over 1,000 nicknames, the vagina is one of the most obsessed over body parts in history. Learn what the hooha is about with our random vagina facts.
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81 Shocking Facts about Pornography
In 2015, 4,392,486,580 hours of porn were watched on Pornhub. Learn more interesting porn facts, including amazing statistics, history, and controversy.
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99 Surprising Facts about Penises
Spice up your next cocktail party with these interesting penis facts, including surprising history, fun statistics, cultural references, and much more!
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70 Interesting Facts about Menstruation
The history of menstruation is embedded in power, sexuality, and politics. Discover the power of the period with these interesting menstruation facts.
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