Crime and Justice

43 Addictive Facts about Heroin
Did you know Bayer sold heroin in children's cough medicine in 1898? Learn more surprising heroin facts, including history, statistics, addiction, and more.
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51 Thought-provoking Facts about Race and Racism
Since the very first U.S. census in 1790, racial groupings have changed 24 times. Learn important race and racism facts, including history, statistics, & more.
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56 Little Known Facts about Human Trafficking
An estimated 27 million adults & 13 million children are victims of human trafficking. Learn more about this global crime with our human trafficking facts.
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55 Interesting Facts about Serial Killers
Most serial killers are not reclusive social misfits. Discover how they can hide in plain sight and much more with our interesting serial killer facts.
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98 Important Facts about Animal Cruelty
Debates about animal rights are ancient and enduring. Learn important animal cruelty facts, including controversy, statistics, history, and much more here.
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