Australia and Oceania

37 Astounding Koala Facts

Cute, cuddly, and . . . poisonous? Go down under with this list of koala facts and learn more about Australia's favorite animal's habitat, diet, and STDs.
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38 Historical Facts about Pearl Harbor

President Roosevelt declared it a day that would live in infamy. Our list of unique facts about Pearl Harbor tell the story of America's entry into WWII.
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27 Interesting Platypus Facts

A super-animal, or a bizarre aberration? Come Down Under for the facts about the little Australian animal who has it all, the famous duck-billed platypus.
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34 Climate Change Facts You Need to Know

With over 1 million species at risk, shifting seasons, and other severe consequences, getting the facts about climate change is more important than ever.
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36 Wet and Wild Lake Facts

From lakes that boil to tundra lakes that never freeze, lakes are full of surprises. Go beyond the weekend trip and do a deep dive into our lake facts.
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