Resume Mistakes
Resume Mistakes

Top 10 Resume Mistakes to Avoid

Karin Lehnardt
By Karin Lehnardt, Senior Writer
Published March 27, 2018
  • Typos and grammatical errors.[1]
  • Resume Mistakes
    Top grammar mistakes include incorrect hyphen use, verb tense errors, inconsistent formatting, and careless spelling errors

  • Not including keywords that apply to the job posting.[4]
  • Resume Mistakes
    Submitting a resume can be like throwing a stone into a dark, depressing, bottomless pit; using precise keywords will help it shine

  • Listing generic job duties rather than quantifiable job accomplishments.[4]
  • Resume Tips
    Instead of listing generic duties, use strong action verbs that quantify your contributions

  • Including an objective statement.[1]
  • Resume Mistakes
    Ditch the cliche objective statement for something your potential employer wants to see at the top of your resume: a specific branding statement that tells the company what you will do for them

  • Using outdated, hard-to-read, or fancy fonts.[2]
  • Resume Fonts
    The font you choose for your resume significantly influences how recruiters experience your resume's professionalism and organization

  • Not being yourself.[4]
  • Resume Advice
    Find your authentic core message, and show how it will help the company's bottom line

  • Using an unprofessional or outdated email address.[1]
  • Resume Help
    Avoid email addresses such as "puddin-pants," "funkXblaster," or "Ihateworking"

  • Creating a resume that is either too long or too short.[1]
  • Resume Mistakes
    Focus on quality rather than on quantity

  • Not including relevant social media profiles.[3]
  • Resume Examples
    Including your social media profiles on a resume can transform your resume into a more interactive and dynamic document

  • Including too many personal details.[1]
  • Resume Writing
    Too much personal information will not help you and may leave a recruiter bleary-eyed


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