Madeline Thatcher

Associate Writer
An avid reader, writer, and teacher, Madeline recently graduated from the University of Utah with an MA in English Literature. While at the U, she focused her research on the intersection of religion, race, and gender, and taught undergrads the beauty of the Dewey Decimal System. When she’s not working, hosting book clubs, or watching NBC sitcoms, Madeline loves to act in local film and theatre productions, as well as travel and try new restaurants, with a goal of finding the best donut in whatever city she’s in.

Madeline is also known for her work on The Cate Morland Chronicles (2016), Little Women (2018) and Twice The Dream (2019). Additionally, she has many publications through BYU Criterion and Boostability. Follow her adventures, writing projects, and musings on TwitterInstagram, and IMDB.
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