Human Body

91 Interesting Facts about Birth Control
From condoms to the pill, IUDs to sterilization, discover educational and random facts about contraceptives from our birth control facts.
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50 Thought-provoking Facts about Race and Racism
Since the very first U.S. census in 1790, racial groupings have changed 24 times. Learn more about race and racism with these interesting facts.
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38 Fiery Facts about Redheads
Red hair is not just a color; it's a way of life. Color your world with interesting redhead facts, including vibrant history and statistics.
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97 Interesting Facts about Body Language
Words reveal meaning, but body language reveals truth. Learn what lies beneath physical gestures with our fun list of body language facts.
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82 Interesting Facts about LGBT
Approximately 5% of the total human population identifies as lesbian, gay, or bisexual. Learn more about the LGBT community with our LGBT facts.
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