Drugs and Addiction

71 Exciting Facts about Caffeine
Wake up with our exciting caffeine facts to learn more about the world's most commonly used drug, including its history, health effects, and addiction.
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47 Inoculating Facts about Vaccination
Vaccinations are a time-tested way of preventing disease. They have also seen their fair share of controversy. Get the truth with our vaccination facts.
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68 Intoxicating Facts about Beer
Crack open a cold one & relax over our intoxicating beer facts. Not just for ball games, this amazing drink looms large in history, religion, & nutrition.
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43 Addictive Heroin Facts
Did you know Bayer sold heroin in children's cough medicine in 1898? Learn more surprising heroin facts, including history, statistics, addiction, & more.
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40 Interesting Smoking Facts
Breathe easy. We’ve collected the Web’s most interesting smoking facts, including the history of smoking, surprising statistics, controversy, and more.
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