City Population Fact
City Population Fact

Top 10 Most Populated Cities on Earth

By Madeline Thatcher, Associate Writer
Published September 8, 2019
  • Tokyo, Japan: 37.4 million people[10][11]
  • Population Fact Tokyo
    Tokyo is known for many things, but cherry blossoms and the Olympics are two of the most famous.

  • Delhi, India: 28.5 million people[3][11]
  • Populated Cities New Delhi
    Head to New Dehli for culture and history, but don't expect to find any cold cuts!

  • Shanghai, China: 25.5 million people[2][11]
  • Population Fact Shanghai
    Shanghai has lots of history, and even more skyscrapers.

  • São Paulo, Brazil: 21.6 million people[7][11]
  • Population Fact Brazil
    Long overshadowed by Rio de Janeiro, Sáo Paulo is starting to shine on its own thanks to new infrastructure and lots of coffee.

  • Mexico City, Mexico: 21.5 million people[6][11]
  • Population Fact Mexico
    Mexico City is just as colorful as its people and history. Olé!

  • Cairo, Egypt: 20 million people[1][11]
  • Population Fact Cairo
    Walk like an Egyptian through the streets of Cairo (listening to The Bangles, of course!).

  • Mumbai, India: 19.9 million people[9][11]
  • Population Fact Mumbai
    Mumbai got its name from the goddess Mumba, an incarnation of Pavati.

  • Beijing, China: 19.6 million people[4][11]
  • Population Fact Beijing
    Beijing is home to the Forbidden City, which isn't so forbidden since tourists are welcome to visit.

  • Dhaka, Bangladesh: 19.5 million people.[5][11]
  • Population Fact Dhakar
    Bangladesh was once ruled by both Britain and India, but in the last half-century, it has begun to forge its own path.

  • Osaka, Japan: 19.2 million people[8][11]
  • Population Fact Osaka
    Osaka's food and nightlife are as colorful as its streets!


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