City Population Fact
City Population Fact

Top 10 Most Populated Cities on Earth

Madeline Thatcher
By Madeline Thatcher, Associate Writer
Published September 8, 2019

Are bustling cities, bright lights, and a vibrant nightlife calling your name? If you're having a hard time deciding which city to visit first, our list of the top 10 most populated cities in the world will inspire you. From the iconic Tokyo architecture to the vibrant Cairo streets, we'll explore what makes the most populated cities so special.

  • Tokyo, Japan: 37.4 million people[10][11]
  • Population Fact Tokyo
    Tokyo is known for many things, but cherry blossoms and the Olympics are two of the most famous.

  • Delhi, India: 28.5 million people[3][11]
  • Populated Cities New Delhi
    Head to New Dehli for culture and history, but don't expect to find any cold cuts!

  • Shanghai, China: 25.5 million people[2][11]
  • Population Fact Shanghai
    Shanghai has lots of history, and even more skyscrapers.

  • São Paulo, Brazil: 21.6 million people[7][11]
  • Population Fact Brazil
    Long overshadowed by Rio de Janeiro, Sáo Paulo is starting to shine on its own thanks to new infrastructure and lots of coffee.

  • Mexico City, Mexico: 21.5 million people[6][11]
  • Population Fact Mexico
    Mexico City is just as colorful as its people and history. Olé!

  • Cairo, Egypt: 20 million people[1][11]
  • Population Fact Cairo
    Walk like an Egyptian through the streets of Cairo (listening to The Bangles, of course!).

  • Mumbai, India: 19.9 million people[9][11]
  • Population Fact Mumbai
    Mumbai got its name from the goddess Mumba, an incarnation of Pavati.

  • Beijing, China: 19.6 million people[4][11]
  • Population Fact Beijing
    Beijing is home to the Forbidden City, which isn't so forbidden since tourists are welcome to visit.

  • Dhaka, Bangladesh: 19.5 million people.[5][11]
  • Population Fact Dhakar
    Bangladesh was once ruled by both Britain and India, but in the last half-century, it has begun to forge its own path.

  • Osaka, Japan: 19.2 million people[8][11]
  • Population Fact Osaka
    Osaka's food and nightlife are as colorful as its streets!


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