Zodiac Facts
Zodiac Facts

55 Celestial Facts about the Zodiac

James Israelsen
By James Israelsen, Associate Writer
Published September 11, 2020
  • Astrology was developed before the Copernican Revolution, so it is based on the incorrect assumption that the sun moves around the Earth, passing through the different star constellations.[8]
  • The ancient Egyptians were the first to identify star constellations.[8]
  • The zodiac signs most Western people know today were created by the ancient Greeks and are called the “tropical” zodiac signs.[8]
  • The ancient Babylonians also had 12 zodiac signs, some of which—such as the Great Twins and the Scales—are similar to the ones known today.[8]
  • "Zodiac" comes from a Greek term for sculpted animal figures.[8]
  • The Greek zodiac spread throughout much of the ancient world due to the popularity of the book Tetrabiblos, written by the astronomer Ptolemy.[8]
  • The novel Good Omens claims that Earth was created on October 21, 4004 BC, making it a Libra.[3]
  • Ancient Astrology
    Astrological readings had political and military implications in the ancient world
  • The zodiac signs most Western people are familiar with today were established during the reign of Alexander the Great, around 330 BC.[8]
  • Some astrologers assigned a male or female tendency to each sign of the zodiac; these alternate between each sign, so because Aries has a masculine tendency, Taurus has a female one, for example.[6]
  • A “natal horoscope” consists of predictions made based on the exact time and date of someone’s birth.[6]
  • The word "horoscope" means “hour watch.”[6]
  • To cast an accurate horoscope, an astrologer needs to understand and apply the principles of Euclidean geometry.[6]
  • In ancient Greece, the first day of spring was defined as the day when the sun was thought to begin traveling through the constellation of Aries.[8]
  • Ancient Roman astrologers used a mnemonic device to remember the long list of different fortunes that had to be given in a horoscope reading.[6]
  • Most ancient civilizations, including those in America, Egypt, the Mediterranean, and Mesopotamia, believed the stars had some type of influence on human life.[6]
  • Saint Augustine of Hippo published a criticism of astrology in opposition to early Christians who were trying to cast horoscopes for Christ.[6]
  • Ancient Rome was introduced to the zodiac by Greek slaves who sold advice to gamblers betting on horse races.[6]
  • Astrology and Emotion
    Many people take great comfort from zodiac readings
  • People who ascribe to the zodiac believe that a person’s basic personality is influenced by the relative positions of the sun, planets, and stars.[6]
  • The oldest archaeological evidence of zodiac use to make predictions is an almost 5000-year-old Akkadian book called The Day of Bel.[6]
  • Roman Emperor Augustus had the profile of Capricorn, his sign, put on his coins.[6]
  • Meteorological astrology is the attempt to forecast weather using the Zodiac.[6]
  • The sign of Aries is named for the Latin word for ram and is associated with Mars, the Greek god of war.[6]
  • Mundane astrology applies the zodiac to the activities of world governments.[6]
  • Catholic Church theologian Thomas Aquinas was taught the zodiac by his mentor, but he rejected its validity after a review of the arguments for and against it.[6]
  • In the 17th century, William Lilly made a fortune through the publication of 20 volumes on astrology.[6]
  • The biblical book of Genesis states that the stars were to be influences over “signs and seasons.”[6]
  • Astrologers who apply the zodiac to history claim that Great Britain, Germany, and Rome have all flourished under the influence of Aries, the sign associated with birth and creativity.[6]
  • First Lady Nancy Reagan regularly had her horoscope read.[6]
  • Moon Cycles Astrology
    For astrologers, every celestial body has significance

  • The personality of a Leo is said to be domineering and desirous of honorifics, with very little compassion for weaklings.[6]
  • The sign of Taurus takes its name from the Latin word for bull; it is also known as the V, the Winter Octagon, and the Hyades.[6]
  • According to astrologers, people who have been influenced by the sign of Aries are usually small but vigorous.[6]
  • The Chinese identify the constellation Taurus as a white tiger instead of a bull.[6]
  • The constellation Gemini is a symbol of twins from Greek mythology, Castor and Pollux. Earlier civilizations saw the twins as a man and a woman, sometimes Adam and Eve.[6]
  • Because of Taurus’s relation to the planet Venus, people with Taurus as their sign are said to avoid ugliness and to value art and luxury.[6]
  • Zodiac Signs
    The zodiac signs are believed to hold the keys to individual personalities

  • According to Zoroaster, the new star that appeared when Jesus was born was part of the constellation of Virgo, the maiden or unmarried woman.[6]
  • People born under the sign of Gemini are said to be good debaters—able to remain calm while they examine both sides of a given issue.[6]
  • Astrologers say that people with the sign of Virgo make good museum curators, book editors, and theater critics.[6]
  • Cancer, pictured as a crab, might have been named because of the way the constellation appears to sidestep in the summer night sky.[6]
  • A person with the sign of Taurus is said to be a hard worker and a connoisseur of life's pleasures.[1]
  • The sign of Leo the Lion was heralded as a sign of courage and invincibility by the myth of Hercules, who wore the skin of a lion he defeated in one of his 12 labors.[6]
  • Libra, pictured as a set of scales, is the only zodiac sign represented by an inanimate object.[6]

  • The Twelve Signs of the Zodiac
    SignBirthdatesPersonality Traits
    March 21–April 19Bold & Competitive
    TaurusApril 20–May 20Sensual & Creative
    GeminiMay 21–June 20Social & Energetic
    CancerJune 21–July 22Intuitive & Protective
    LeoJuly 23–Aug 22Fiery & Self-Assured
    VirgoAug 23–Sept 22Practical & Logical
    LibraSept 23–Oct 22Fair-Minded & Diplomatic
    ScorpioOct 23–Nov 21Passionate & Resourceful
    SagittariusNov 22–Dec 21Adventurous & Funny
    CapricornDec 22–Jan 19Serious & Independent
    AquariusJan 20–Feb 18Free-Spirited & Imaginative
    PiscesFeb 19–March 20Emotional & Spiritual
  • The sign of Scorpio has often been associated with evil and the dark unknown.[6]
  • Although Scorpios are said to be tough, it is also traditionally predicted that they will suffer ailments related to the genitals, bladder, and rectum.[6]
  • The constellation Sagittarius, the bowman, is one of the earliest constellations to be identified.[6]
  • It is said that those born under the sign of Sagittarius are likely to change both their place of residence and their job frequently.[6]
  • Capricorns are said to have a natural tendency to martyrdom.[6]
  • Astrologers predict that Capricorns are likely to starve their relationships by withholding money or sex.[6]
  • The sign of Aquarius is governed by the planet Uranus and can be a prediction of genius.[6]
  • Zodiac Nostradamus
    Nostradamus is arguably history's greatest prognosticator
  • The astrologer Nostradamus is said to have correctly predicted the French Revolution, the Third Reich, and the attacks of September 11, 2001.[5]
  • Pisces, the fish sign, may indicate a person who is content with domestic duties and is deeply religious.[6]
  • Healers who advise their patients based on knowledge of the zodiac say that people born under the sign of Pisces should avoid alcohol.[6]
  • The Zodiac Killer was a serial killer who sent letters to newspapers taking credit for several murders in Northern California. He was never caught.[9][6]
  • According to Ashley Madison, a website that facilitates extramarital hook-ups, Capricorn is the most common sign for account-holders on their site; Capricorns also engage more with the other site users.[2]
  • Popular internet site Tumblr features multiple posts that use the zodiac to predict all sorts of things, including what conspiracy theory someone will buy into and what password each sign will tend to pick.[4]
  • The Minnesota Planetarium Society announced that, due to a change in Earth’s spin axis, the current zodiac should be moved a month forward. They also proposed a new zodiac sign called the Ophiucus. Their recommendations were not accepted by the rest of the Western astrology community.[7]
  • Amazing Zodiac INFOGRAPHIC
    Zodiac Infographic Thumbnail

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