Fantastic Waterfall
Fantastic Waterfall

Top 10 Most Amazing Waterfalls

James Israelsen
By James Israelsen, Associate Writer
Published December 1, 2018
  • Gullfoss Falls, Iceland.[2][5]
  • Gullfoss Falls Waterfalls
    Located on the Hvítá, or White River, Gullfoss Falls are fed by the Icelandic glacier Langjökull. The sun often coaxes rainbows out of the foaming water as it cascades into a rugged gorge.

  • Victoria Falls, Zambia and Zimbabwe.[5]
  • Victoria Falls Waterfalls
    Between the borders of Zambia and Zimbabwe flows the Zambezi River, along whose lengths you can see Victoria Falls, number two on our list of the world’s most spectacular falls. Water cascades down a mile-wide ledge into a gorge 300 feet below.

  • Iguazu Falls, Brazil and Argentiina.[5]
  • Iguazu Falls Waterfalls
    More than a million tourists visit Iguazu Falls at the border of Argentina and Brazil each year. Up to 275 individual cataracts combine into a great veil of frothing water pouring in an endless majestic cascade.

  • Angel Falls, Venezuela.[5]
  • Waterfalls Angel Falls
    The tallest waterfall in the world, Angel Falls in Venezuela has a plunge height of 2,368 feet. It’s a difficult trek through rugged wilderness to get to it though, meaning only the most determined tourists will be able to see it first hand.

  • Plitvice Falls, Croatia.[4][5]
  • Plitvice Falls Waterfalls
    Plitvice National Park and UNESCO World Heritage Site is Croatia’s largest national park and boasts a stunning array of waterfalls pouring down rock faces and through lush greenery. Sixteen azure pools spill into each other in this natural paradise.

  • Ban Gioc - Detian Falls, China and Vietnam.[5]
  • Ban Gioc Detian
    As with many of the spots on our list, the Ban Gioc–Detian Falls are located on a border. These falls, located between China and Vietnam, multiply when rain is plentiful, covering the lush green cliffs.

  • Niagara Falls, U.S. and Canada.[1][5]
  • Niagara Falls Waterfalls
    Number seven is Niagara Falls, a national landmark for both the United States and Canada. Niagara Falls State Park was the first national park established in the United States, in 1865. Over 3,000 tons of water tumble over the falls every second, serving as an important source of hydroelectric power for both the United States and Canada.

  • Kaieteur Falls, Guyana.[5]
  • Kaieteur Falls Waterfall
    Kaieteur Falls in Guyana is the largest single-drop waterfall in the world in terms of flow rate and sheer amount of water. This vertical curtain waterfall located on the Potaro River sends hundreds of thousands of gallons of water down a 741-foot drop every minute of every day.

  • Jog Falls, India.[5]
  • Jog Falls Waterfalls
    Located near Sagara India, Jog Falls is the second tallest waterfall in India and a major tourist attraction. The Sharavathi River splits into four falls that plunge down a sheer 830-foot rock face.

  • Yosemite Falls, U.S.[3][5]
  • Yosemite Falls Waterfalls
    Yosemite National Park in the Northwestern United States is home to a number of stunning waterfalls, including Sentinel, Ribbon, and Horsetail falls. The most majestic, however, bears the park’s name. Yosemite Falls has a plunge height of 2,425 feet.


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