Karin Lehnardt

Senior Writer
Karin graduated with a BA and MA in English and Rhetoric from Brigham Young University and later worked towards a PhD at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. She has been a university writing tutor and writing instructor for many years and loves researching, reading, writing, and discussing ideas. An admitted adrenaline junkie, she married her skydiving instructor and loves to go adventuring with him and their 4 kids. 

In addition to attending many academic conferences, she has published in History is NowNature ConservatoryNasdaq, and she has been cited in many books and articles. Her publications also include, “How I Learned to Fly: Reflections of a Newbie.” United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Magazine; Utah Skydivers Use the Point. Skydive Magazine; “Resources of the Writing Center.” Re-Vision. UVSC Newsletter, 20 Nov. 2000: 1-2; and “Creating Concepts in Writing.” Re-Vision. UVSC Newsletter, 3 Mar. 1999: 4-5. Her certifications include CRLA Advanced Tutor, SCUBA, EMT-B, CPR/First Aid and Skydiving B-license.
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