Top 10 List of Jobs
Top 10 List of Jobs

Top 10 Highest-Paying Jobs in the U.S.

Karin Lehnardt
By Karin Lehnardt, Senior Writer
Published July 16, 2019Updated April 23, 2020

What are the highest paying jobs in America? Hoping to get a job that pays well? Check out our list of the highest paying careers in the U.S. to see if one seems like a good fit for you. While some of the jobs are not surprising, such as physician or pharamacy manager, other jobs may surprise you.

  • Physician
    Median Annual Salary: $195,842
  • Top 10 Physicians
    Few career paths require such tireless resolve and commitment as becoming a physician. Many of the rewards include empowering patients, contributing to the exciting field of technology and science, and a high social status. Bringing home a large paycheck doesn’t hurt either. In short, becoming a physician can great rewards, both tangible and intangible.The highest paid physicians are orthopedic surgeons ($450,000), followed by cardiologists ($382,000), and radiologists ($374,000)

  • Pharmacy Manager 
    Median Annual Salary: $146,412
  • Pharmacy Manager
    Experienced. Likable. Talented. Organized. These are all the qualities that a pharmacy manager possesses. They also need to know how to manage pharmacy employees, handle customers complaints, maintain contact with doctors’ offices, and ensure that life-saving medications are delivered with accuracy. These are large responsibilities that also come with a large paycheck.The salary of a pharmacy manager depends largely on the type of pharmacy and where it's located

  • Pharmacist 
    Median Annual Salary: $127,120
  • Pharmacist Pay
    A pharmacist isn’t just about handing out medicine. It also combines science, health care, computer technology, business, math and even counseling. It offers a rare and exciting balance of independence and interaction with patients. Additionally, if you’re looking for adventure, pharmacists are often out on the front lines, offering their services during natural disasters, epidemics and other crises.

  • Enterprise Architect 
    Median Annual Salary: $115,944
  • Enterprise Architect Salary
    An enterprise architect is a quintessential 21st century job. Larger companies are increasingly turning to what they call an enterprise architect to help align their IT strategies and processes with broader business goals. Basically, they help translate a company’s business strategy into real solutions and practical designs. While an enterprise architect is a newer skill, it’s an important position that translates into some pretty enviable cash.

  • Corporate Counsel 
    Median Annual Salary: $115,580
  • Corporate Counsel Pay
    Corporate lawyers spend their careers focusing on legal issues businesses face. A corporate counsel is basically a lawyer that works for businesses, corporations, and other organizations rather than individual clients. If you like discussing contracts, property investments, and business while making over $115,000 a year, this is a great position to be in.

  • Software Development Manager 
    Median Annual Salary: $108,879
  • Software Development Manager
    The average age of a software development manager is 32 years old. If you love envisioning product development, managing engineering software developments, and making some impressive money, then software development manager may be the job for you. With a median annual salary of $108,879 per year, you’ll love the freedom and the income.

  • Physician Assistant 
    Median Annual Salary: $108,761
  • Top 10 List
    PAs will be the second-fastest growing health profession in the next decade. Do you like doctoring, but don’t quite want all the schooling and responsibilities that come with being an M.D.? While PAs don’t quite command the salaries of doctors, they still make pretty good money, with a median pay for physician assistants in the U.S. at about $108,761. Not too shabby.

  • Software Engineering Manager 
    Median Annual Salary: $107,479
  • Software Engineering Manager Fact
    A software engineering manager oversees a team of people who are working on the development or enhancement of new computer software. Does changing how the Internet work at its most fundamental level make you hop for joy? Does managing engineers spark happiness? And does making a median annual salary of $107,479 sound like a great paycheck? Then a software engineering manager may be the career for you!

  • Nurse Practitioner 
    Median Annual Salary: $106,962
  • Nurse Practitioner
    Do you like helping people and making money? Not only is a nurse practitioner an in-demand job, it also pays very well. While there are different type of nursing degrees out there, a nurse practitioner has more patient care responsibilities than an RN. In fact, it is estimated that NPs provide 80-90% of the care that primary care that physicians offer, and in 20 states, they have “full practice authority,” which means they do not have to work under the supervision of a doctor.

  • Software Architect 
    Median Annual Salary: $105,329
  • Software Architect Salary
    We’re sure you’ve heard of a software developer, but have you heard of a software architect? While the distinction between these two positions can be blurry, a software architect creates a blueprint of the software that needs to be developed, while a software developer will take the blueprint and make it into a reality. If you thrive in a highly collaborative workplace and love software, this is an excellent, high-paying job for you.


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