Save the Tigers Day
Save the Tigers Day

Celebrate International Tiger Day with Amazing Tiger Experts

By Karin Lehnardt, Senior Writer
Published July 29, 2019

Iconic, majestic, and the largest of all the Asian big cats, tigers hold a critical place in the health and diversity of the world’ ecosystem. Yet, across their range, these majestic cats face unrelenting challenges from poaching, habitat loss, and retaliatory killings. Forced to compete for space with a growing human population, tigers stand little chance without help. For World Tiger Day, we're excited to celebrate the wild world of tigers with three amazing tiger conservation groups, Save Wild Tigers, WildCats Conservation Alliance, and Big Cat Rescue—and learn what we can do to conserve these beautiful animals.

  • What is one amazing fact about tigers that most people don’t know? According to Save Wild Tigers, there are more tigers in captivity in the USA ( such as in zoos, homes, and even back yards) than all the wild tigers left on the planet! There are around 10,000 tigers in captivity in the States, yet there are only 3,800 tigers left in the wild. - Save Wild Tigers, Save Wild Tigers
  • What color is a tiger's skin? WildCats Conservation Alliance solves this mystery for us. According to them, tigers have stripy skin. If you were to shave a tiger (we don’t advise it!) you would see the stripes underneath. Wild Cats Conservation Alliance, WildCats Conservation Alliance
  • Do tigers like the water? According to Big Cat Rescue, tigers love to swim and play in the water. All of the tigers at Big Cat Rescue either have access to part of a lake or have individual pools in their enclosures. Big Cat Rescue, Big Cat Rescue
  • Are tigers just big cats? WildCats Conservation Alliance illuminates this important questions. According to them, tigers possess similar traits and behaviours to domestic cats, and share similar DNA, but tigers have evolved into much, much more. Strength and muscle density, feeding habits and ferocity have made them into a top predator to contend with. - Wild Cats Conservation Alliance, WildCats Conservation Alliance
  • What is the most important thing an "everyday" person can do to help tiger conservation? WildCats Conservation Alliance notes that the most important thing an “everyday” person can do to help is to consume with care. Think: Do I need this? Is there an alternative that would be better for the environment”. And of course donate to WildCats at Cats Conservation Alliance, WildCats Conservation Alliance
  • Does tiger conservation have broader implications? Save Wild Tigers uses tiger conservation as a powerful platform to talk about the bigger issues. For example, tigers have an enormous influence on other illegal wildlife activities. Specifically, the tiger is worth more dead than alive for their skins and body parts. Closing down these poaching networks also has a beneficial impact on numerous other endangered species. Second, habitat loss is a significant challenge for tiger conservation. Right now, the palm oil industry in Indonesia is decimating the traditional tiger habitat. Addressing and preventing this loss of tiger habitats will also help preserve interconnected species and ecosystems. - Save Wild Tigers, Save Wild Tigers
  • Is Wild Cats Conservation Alliance hopeful about the future of tigers? Yes I am positive about a future for wild tigers. With the right protection, wild tiger populations will recover. With the right habitat restoration, wild tigers & prey thrive. Through scientific study & technological advances, we now know more about tigers than we ever did. Tiger numbers are increasing where effective conservation takes place. - Wild Cats Conservation Alliance, WildCats Conservation Alliance
  • What is one surprising fact about Big Cat Rescue? Big Cat Rescue's founder Carole Baskin never set out to create a sanctuary for exotic cats. In 1992 she owned 45 acres in a remote part of Tampa, Florida and went to a local animal auction to purchase llamas to greenbelt the grounds. While awaiting the llamas to come up for bid, she saw a man on stage carrying a scared young bobcat which was being auctioned off. A person in the audience near Carole was bidding on the bobcat and she asked him why he would want to own a wild cat. He said he was a taxidermist and planned to club it to death in the parking lot and make a den decoration out of it. Carole was horrified and in tears and made sure she was the highest bidder in order to save the young bobcat. The rest is history. - Big Cat Rescue, Big Cat Rescue
  • What is one surprising fact about WildCats Conservation Alliance? WildCats Conservation Alliance is able to give 100% of all donations received due to the generosity of Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation and Zoological Society of London that fund all operational costs.- Wild Cats Conservation Alliance, WildCats Conservation Alliance
  • What is one surprising fact about Save Wild Tigers? Save Wild Tigers uniquely in the conservation world is actually made up of creative and marketing people rather than conservation specialists. Of course we work closely with and support Tiger conservation groups & projects however our mission is to use our marketing expertise in developing communication programmes and platforms that ensure mass media pick up, thus spreading the word regarding the plight of wild tigers.- Save Wild Tigers, Save Wild Tigers
  • How is WildCats Conservation Alliance celebrating International Tiger Day on July 29? WildCats Conservation Alliance is celebrating Global Tiger Day by reminding people that the right conservation is having a positive impact on tigers. Tigers are not safe yet, but by doing the right thing, we can make a difference.- Wild Cats Conservation Alliance, WildCats Conservation Alliance
  • How is Save Wild Tigers celebrating International Tiger Day? By continuing to spread the word. Also getting ready to launch a big campaign in SE Asia this September.- Save Wild Tigers, Save Wild Tigers

A big thanks to Wildcats Conservation Alliance, Save Wild Tigers, and Big Cat Rescue! For more interesting tiger facts, ways you can help, educational tools, interviews, and insights take a look at the links below:

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