Shakespeares Birthday
Shakespeares Birthday

Celebrate the Bard's Birthday with 10 Fun Shakespeare Facts

By Karin Lehnardt, Senior Writer
Published April 23, 2019

Happy birthday to William Shakespeare, one of the world’s greatest playwrights, poets, philosophers, and seers. From high art to pop culture, The Bard of Avon has shaped the ways we perceive and express our intractable place(s) within the world.

Celebrating and illuminating the brilliance of Shakespeare is a virtual master class named The State of Shakespeare. Through in-depth interviews with contemporary Shakespearean artists, producers, and movers from all over the world, this amazing company brings the work of Shakespeare to life in exciting and diverse ways. We are delighted to feature The State of Shakespeare and share some fun Shakespeare facts as a way to say “Happy Birthday” to the author who changed the world. Check it out:

  • What is one fact about The State of Shakespeare that most people don’t know? It started in a Starbucks! And we just hit over 100 interviews! And we do it for free, and with no pay! - John Smith, The State of Shakespeare
  • What would Shakespeare love about The State of Shakespeare? I think that we are interested in all types of actors, scholars, and theater makers. Not just “high profile” names - we truly like to hear from people all over the world and how they are pursuing Shakespeare. He was a keen observer of humanity and The State of Shakespeare continues that tradition. - John Smith, The State of Shakespeare
  • The State of Shakespeare conducts illuminating and inspiring interviews with actors, directors, and teachers. What is one goal that The State of Shakespeare has for the future? We have always talked about compiling our interviews into a book. We also would love to work in the video format. - John Smith, The State of Shakespeare
  • What is one fact about James or Garritt everyone should know? James does half marathons and Gerritt is a beautiful singer. - John Smith, The State of Shakespeare
  • How do you think Shakespeare would celebrate his birthday today? A trip to the pub? A family party? Shakespeare Birthday Facts
    Shakespeare's second-best bed

    Lounging about in his second best bed! - John Smith, The State of Shakespeare
  • What’s the most common misconception about Shakespeare today? That he wasn’t the author of his own plays - John Smith, The State of Shakespeare
  • What’s the #1 way to become a Shakespeare expert? Read his plays, see productions, listen to the State of Shakespeare. And above all DO IT! - John Smith, The State of Shakespeare
  • How does The State of Shakespeare celebrate The Bard's birthday? We say happy birthday on all social media platforms and raise a glass of mead at midnight! - John Smith, The State of Shakespeare
  • What is the craziest fact about Shakespeare that most people don’t know? I’m not sure there is one. We only have about 7 facts! - John Smith, The State of Shakespeare
  • Are there any other facts you’d like to share about The State of Shakespeare or William Shakespeare? We’d like to point to some of our favorite interviews. For instance, the last time that Gerritt and I were in the same room when we interviewed someone, it was with Louis Colaianni and there was a moment where he took my breath away and I looked over at Gerritt and he was shaking with excitement too. Another great one was with John Douglas Thompson where he performed his monologues in front of us and it was a riveting performance all of three feet away from us! Finally, we’ve been able to reconnect with some of our past by interviewing people we have worked with years ago. Charles Tuthill was a huge influence on Jim early in his career and Jim was thrilled at having him on the show. Similarly, Gerritt worked with Ellen Geer and Melora Marshall at the Theatricum Botanicum and was able to reunite with them through the State of Shakespeare. It is a labor of love and we plan on continuing our exploration! - John Smith, The State of Shakespeare

A big thanks to the State of Shakespeare! For more fun Shakespeare facts, educational tools, interviews, and insights take a look at the links below:

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