Little-Known Dog Trivia
Little-Known Dog Trivia

Celebrate National Dog Day with These Fun Dog Facts

By Karin Lehnardt, Senior Writer
Published August 25, 2019

Do you love dogs? So do we! Which is why are excited to celebrate National Dog Day with you on August 26th! This day honors and celebrates our most adorable and loyal companions, from the tallest Great Dane to the smallest Chihuahua and everything in between. To help us celebrate, we have turned to the amazing dog experts at Canine Journal, The Dog Zombie, and The Bark. We’ll learn everything from amazing facts, fascinating history, and best of all, ways to celebrate National Dog Day. So settle in with your pooch, and let’s get started!

  • What is so amazing about a dog's nose? According to Dr. Jessica Hekman, dog noses are structured so that they can actually tell what direction an odor is coming from, something we humans are not physically able to do without moving our heads or walking around.-The Dog Zombie
  • What is one common myth about dogs? According to the dog experts at The Bark, The Dog Culture Magazine, a popular myth is that one dog year equals seven human years. While this is often repeated, it is not true. Too many factors figure into canine aging, including size, breed to adhere to one simple formula.-The Bark
  • What's one fun fact about dogs that most people don't know? According to Canine Journal, petting your dog or sharing a loving gaze can release stress and chemically make you feel better. Why? Because it releases oxytocin (the love hormone) in humans but also for your pup!- Canine Journal Do dogs understand each other when they bark? Probably! Dogs have different types of barks for different situations - excitement, loneliness, warning a stranger away. They respond appropriately to another dog's bark, suggesting that they understand what it means. Most humans can also figure out what the different kinds of dog barks mean, actually - we're better at speaking their language than we know.- The Dog Zombie
  • Dogs do communicate to each other when they vocalize, bark or growl. A more common means of communication between dogs is body language—an upright or tucked tail, forward ears or tense body can speak volumes.-The Bark
  • We cannot know for sure scientifically speaking, but the way that they react to one another suggests that they at least have some sense from the bark, body language, behavior, etc. For example, if one dog barks, many others in the neighborhood will join in.-Canine Journal
  • Can you settle this debate: Are dogs smarter than cats? I wouldn't say that - I would say they are good at different things. Intelligence is hard to quantify, much as we want to try! A 2017 study suggested that dogs have more brain cells than cats and the press then reported that dogs were smarter, but the study doesn't actually show that. Cats are certainly less interested in doing what we want them to do, but when we take the trouble to train them, we find that they are in fact quite smart and trainable.-The Dog Zombie
  • Not sure we are willing to take a stand on this, but we do know which dogs breeds are the smartest! Check out this link for a list: What Are the Smartest Dog Breeds?.- Canine Journal
  • What are some other interesting facts about dogs people may not know? The most popular dog today in America is a mixed-breed dog with 38 million mixed breed pet dogs in homes in the U.S.-The Bark
  • The tallest dog on record is a Great Dane who stood 44 inches tall with the shortest being a Chihuahua measuring just 3.8 inches in height.-The Bark
  • The cheetah, the world’s fastest land animal and a large cat of the subfamily Felinae, can race up to 75 mph for short bursts. The Greyhound is the fastest canid, with a peak speed of about 43 mph.-The Bark
  • More than two thirds of Americans would rather be stranded on a desert island with their pet than with their partner.-The Bark
  • Americans spend more than $33 billion annually on pet food and treats. That’s compared to $27.5 for craft beer, $8.5 for ready-to eat breakfast cereal, $5.5 billion on ice cream.-The Bark
  • How do you celebrate National Dog Day? Like I do every day; I cuddle my dogs!-The Dog Zombie
  • Celebrate National Dog Day by taking a dog for a good walk, allowing for lots of smell and sniffing stops. If you don’t have a dog of your own, volunteer at your local animal shelter.-The Bark
  • We plan to dress up like our dog and eat dog treats all day! We also plan to adopt ALLLLLLL the dogs in need of forever homes! We can dream can’t we? -Canine Journal
  • Are dog brains very similar to human brains? Dogs understand about 250 words and gestures, which is about the same as a two-year-old human child.-Canine Journal
  • In some ways, dog brains are quite similar to human brains. This is why the lab where I work studies the genetics and behavior of pet dogs in people's homes to learn about both dog brains and human brains. The basic brain structures are essentially the same. However, the two species have different skills - humans are better at thinking about the past and the future and making plans. Dogs are better at identifying exactly where a particular smell is coming from (something that I use to my advantage when my dog and I do the sport of Nosework together).-The Dog Zombie
  • What would human civilization look like today if dogs were not at their side for the last 15,000 years? Some say that dogs civilized mankind, helping early man to hunt, which allowed for an agrarian way of life in which dogs helped herd and provided protection from predators, allowing for civilization to evolve.-The Bark
  • What is one fact about the Dog Zombie that most people don't know? I started blogging when I was in veterinary school, as a way of letting people see what that experience was like. I kept blogging through my PhD program, writing about what I was learning about the science of dogs and genetics. These days I more often write for magazines rather than for my blog, but I'm definitely still writing - I love sharing what I know about dogs, brains, and science.-The Dog Zombie
  • What is one fact about The Bark magazine that most people don't know? The Bark magazine began in 1997 as a way to organize an off-leash dog park in Berkeley, CA and entered the pop culture lexicon with its infamous motto — Dog is my co-pilot — seen on bumperstickers across the nation!-The Bark
  • What is one fact about the Canine Journal that most people don't know? I originally created this site to sell my custom-made dog collars and leashes. When I got tired of sewing so much, my husband converted it into a content website to help dog owners live their best life with their pups! Today, we work hard to enhance the lives of our canine friends by providing the most helpful information and unbiased product reviews for our readers.-Canine Journal

A big thanks to Canine Journal, The Dog Zombie, and The Bark! For more interesting dog facts, ways you can help, educational tools, interviews, and insights take a look at the links below:

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The Dog Zombie

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