Halloween Day Facts
Halloween Day Facts

Celebrate Halloween with these Bewitching Halloween Experts

By Karin Lehnardt, Senior Writer
Published October 30, 2019

Deliciously dark, spooky, and full of candy, Halloween is one of our favorite holidays of the year. Known variously as Allhalloween, All Hallows' Eve, or All Saint's Day, Halloween originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, a day that celebrated the boundaries of the living and dead, summer and fall, and light and dark. Now observed worldwide, Halloween, still holds an elemental sway in the human psyche. Whether you celebrate by watching a spooky movie, dressing up, or binging on candy, you'll also want to get in the Halloween spirit with these two amazing Halloween experts: Halloween Comic Fest and Halloween Love. Check it out!

  • How does Halloween Comic Fest celebrate Halloween? We celebrate Halloween by organizing the ComicFest and giving out over a million free comic books! We also host a costume contest with a grand prize of a $500 shopping spree to your local comic shop! So…long answer short, we celebrate Halloween by giving away a ton of comic book stuff!
  • How does Halloween Love celebrate Halloween? Well, pretty much the same way we do the rest of the year, just with a little more people and excitement. I do like to do a lot of giveaways during the Halloween season. We have the annual costume contest and just last year, I started Secret Samhain, which is just a Halloween version of Secret Santa.
  • How did Halloween Comic Fest start? Halloween ComicFest was born out of Free Comic Book Day! A comic book store owner in California, named Joe Field, came up with the idea for Free Comic Book Day in 2001, always held on the first Saturday in May. From Free Comic Book Day’s success, we created Halloween ComicFest as they fall companion piece for Free Comic Book Day, and as a way to highlight local comic book shops as premiere destinations for horror properties and Halloween fun!
  • How did Halloween Love start? Halloween is the most important day of the year to me (could you tell?). More important than Christmas, or my birthday, or anything else. Halloween Love was starting in November of 2009 as a personal blog, because I didn't want that feeling to end when October was over. It remained a personal blog for 5 years, until I started inviting other writers to join the party. Another 5 years later now marks our 10th anniversary this year.
  • What comic books do you offer during the Halloween Comic Fest Halloween? Are they free to everyone? There are 28 different titles available during Halloween ComicFest! Some of the more well-known titles include Iron Man, Spider-Man, Star Wars, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Pokémon! Yes, they are free to everyone! No catch, no gimmick. Walk into a participating comic shop on Halloween and they’ll be able to hook you up with some free comics.
  • We absolutely loved reading the "About" page on Halloween Love. How do you attract such talented and fun writers? There are generally two kinds of people that I seek out to write on Halloween Love. People that already write on their own personal blog about Halloween or horror, that perhaps never even considered that someone might pay them to do what was otherwise just a hobby for them. And people that aren't even "writers" at all, who are just very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about relevant subjects.
  • How can someone find a participating comic shop to celebrate Halloween ComicFest? I love this question! If you go to halloweencomicfest.com/StoreLocator and type in your zipcode, you’ll get a list of every participating shop within 30 miles of your zip. Then, all you have to do is show up and pick out your free comics!
  • What does Halloween Love "love" about Halloween? Everything. The season, the weather, the sights, the smells, the sounds, the decorations, the movies, that special "Halloween" feeling you get (similar to that special "Christmas" feeling that regular folk get).
  • We've heard about Halloween Comic Fest's costume contest. Tell us more! Sure! So we host The Greatest Halloween Costume Contest Ever! We encourage fans to dress up in their best Halloween costume, take a photo, and submit it on our website in one of five categories: Superhero/Comic, TV/Movie, Horror, Video Games, Original. Then, on November 1st, we pick six winners at random – one in each category and one grand prize winner! The category winners get a $50 shopping spree at their local comic shop and the grand prize winner gets that coveted $500 shopping spree at their local comic shop!
  • Are there any upcoming projects that Halloween Love is excited about? Oh boy. I'm constantly coming up with new projects, to a fault. Instead of spamming you with a couple dozen links, I'll try and think of something I'm passionate about this week. I'm putting together a "Halloween Art Wall," and I need artists of all kinds to pick one of their pieces to showcase: paintings, songs, videos, writings, you name it. I'll then put them all together as a sort of curated gallery.
  • Halloween Comic Fest, what’s the spookiest aspect of Halloween? The eeriness of it all! Halloween has a way of amplifying things as simple as fog, nighttime, or the woods. There’s a tension in the air that makes those things feel very foreboding. A there’s an added layer of not knowing what lies beyond the fog, the woods, and the night. And that ominous unknown is definitely the spookiest part. Is that feeling due in large part to horror movies? Sure. But it’s still spooky. Also, clowns. Clowns are not cool.
  • Halloween Love, what is your least favorite part about Halloween? I'm not a big fan of "sexy" costumes. That isn't to say that attractive people aren't enjoyable to look at, but it's a bastardization of Halloween for people that don't really like Halloween. For these people, it's just another "party" holiday like any other. An excuse to get drunk and behave badly. For us nerds, dressing up is more sacred than that.
  • What’s one interesting fact about Halloween Comic Fest? A lot of comic shops do it up big! There’s a lot of shops across the country that make Halloween ComicFest about a lot than just the free comics. They’ll bring in comic book creators for signings, host costume contests of their own, give out candy, host raffles and sales, and really turn it into a community event!
  • What’s one interesting fact about Halloween Love? In the past decade, we've never made a single penny of profit. While we certainly try to make money to cover costs and from the outside, we appear to operate as a business, I've spent tens of thousands of dollars out of pocket to fund the project, all for the sake of having fun and creating fun for others.
  • Halloween Comic Fest, anything else you’d like to share? Have a spooktacular Halloween!
  • Halloween Love, anything else you’d like to share? Happy Halloween!

A big thanks to Halloween Comic Fest and Halloween Love. For more interesting Halloween facts, trivia, blogs, educational tools, interviews, and spooky insights take a look at the links below. Happy Haunting!

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